India Data Diary

First Female

Special Feature / Unique Activity / Noted Achievement Name of First Female in India
First Indian woman athlete to bag a medal at the Paralympics Deepa Malik
First Indian woman to be honoured with Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) life membership Anjum Chopra
First Indian woman to win an Olympic Silver Medal in Badminton P.V. Sindhu
First Indian woman to cross Gibraltar Strait to swim. Aarti Pradhan
First woman to win ‘Shati Swaroop Bhatnagar’ Prize Aashima Chatarjee
First woman Circus player Abda Bai Payrulakar
First Indian Women To Play English Football Aditi Chauhan
First Indian woman to visit Antarctica. Aditi Pant
First female celebrity wax statue in Europeon Museum Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
First female Indian bouncer Amandeep Kaur
First female owner of a Harley Davidson Ambika Sharma
First woman to win bronze medal in Common Wealth Games for badminton. Ami Ghiya-Kanwal Thakur Singh
First woman Union Minister Amrut Kuar
First Female Graphic Novelist Amruta Patil
First woman to win ‘Shahitya Academic Prize Amruta Preetam
First Indian woman to get a degree in Western medicine Anandi Gopal Joshi
First female flying officer in the Indian Air Force Anjali Gupta
First female judge in India of district court in the year 1937 and also the First woman in India to become a high court judge in 1959 Anna Chandi
First female Indian Administrative Service officer of India Anna Rajam George (Malhotra)
First woman elected to the London School Board for Tower Hamlets, topping the poll even though few women were qualified to vote at that time. Annie Besant
First Indian and Asian woman to swim across English Channel. she became the First Indian female sportsperson to be awarded Padma Shri in 1960. Arati Saha
First woman to win International Swimming Marathon. Archana Bharat Kumar Patel
First woman head paramilitary force Archana Ramasundaram
First woman to win Lenin Peace Prize Aruna Aasif Ali
First woman chair of State Bank of India (206 Year Old Bank) Arundhati Bhattacharya
First Indian woman to win the Booker Prize Arundhati Roy
First female amputee and First Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest. Arunima Sinha
First woman to get Jnanpith Award Ashapurna Devi
First competitive female body builder Ashwini Waskar
First woman to be conferred a Doctorate of Science by an Indian University in 1944 Asima Chatterjee
First Indian Female who received the highest honour ‘Padma Shri’ Avasarala Kanyakumari
First Indian woman to climb the Mt. Everest Bachendri Pal
First female Uber cab driver in India Badass Bangalorean
First Indian women chess player holding the title of Woman International Master Bhagyashree Thipsay
First woman Aircraft maintenance engineer in Indian airlines Bhuwan Shree Gautam
First woman to join the INDIAN FOREIGN SERVICE in 1949, First Indian female Ambassador/ High Commissioner C. B. Muthamma
First Indian woman pilot in world to fly Airbus Capt. Durwa Banerjee
First indian women commander in Boeing-737 airplane. She also became the First Indian woman to command the Airbus A320 in 1994. Captain Saudamini Deshmukh
First woman Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of India’s leading stock exchange National Stock Exchange Chitra Ramakrishna
irst female Foreign Secretary CHOKILA IYER
First female advocate from India and the First woman to study law at Oxford Cornelia Sorabji
First female cyclist from the country to reach the heights of fourth place in the UCI individual world ranking Deborah Herold
First female aerobatics pilot Deepika Misra
First woman to get 100 wickets in International woman cricket. Diana Edulagee
First woman to get 100 wickets in International woman cricket  (1986) Diana Edulagee
First woman to climb on Mount Everest twice in the youngest age 19 in 1993. Dicky Dolma
First Lady Cadet to be conferred by the Army with the coveted ‘Sword of Honour’. Divya Ajith
First Indian female DJ is an ultimate international female DJ DJ Megha Kawale
First woman Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force. She is the second woman in the Indian armed forces to be promoted to a three-star rank Dr Padmavathy Bandopadhyay
First & oldest woman heart specialist Dr Sivaramakrishna Padmavati
First woman president of India’s apex chamber of commerce, ASSOCHAM Dr Swati Piramal
First woman Chairperson of Indian Science Congress Dr. Aashima Chatarjee
First woman to win Norman Borlogue Prize (1992) Dr. Amruta Patel
First woman to live most days on Antarctica  (472 days) Dr. Kawal Sandhu
First woman Surgeon Dr. Prema Mukharjee
First woman legislator in India Muthulakshmi Reddy was appointed to the Madras Legislative Council in 1927. Dr. S. Muthulakshmi Reddy
First to detect and document the evidence of HIV infection in the country in 1986 Dr. Suniti Solomon
First Indian female pilot of the Indian Airlines Captain in 1966. First woman ever to fly the Tornado A-200. Durga Banerjee
First actress of Indian Cinema Durgabai Kamat